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Hear what our patients have to say about us.

Hannah W

"I saw Dr. Wang for acupuncture and cupping twice a week for a little over a month, and I've never felt such a drastic improvement in my neck pain and general health. She's a unique practitioner in that she genuinely cares about understanding and working with the spiritual/emotional root causes of her patients' physical manifestations."

Megan K

 "Dr. Qiong Wang came highly recommended after I was diagnosed with Bells Palsy following the birth of my son. My facial paralysis started the day after my delivery. Dr. Wang was able to make herself available to me right away as getting acupuncture immediately after Bells Palsy symptom onset is crucial for a quick and full recovery. I received acupuncture 2 times a week for 4/5 weeks. I noticed improvement after the very first session. I was 85/90% recovered by the end week 2. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Wang. I am forever thankful for her dedication, kindness and reassurance through this process."

William J

"I have had back lower back pain for about 10 yrs. Have received shots, therapy, seen surgeons and sports therapy doctors. Many MRI's, many different pain and inflammation reduction pills etc. Nothing worked. Tried Dr Wang and in just a few sessions feel great. Still have to be careful not to aggravate back but my movement and everyday pain has been repaired. UPMC covers lower back acupuncture treatment. Should have tried this year's ago. She is highly recommended for lower back and sciatica pain."

Matthew H

Bells Palsy - A Speedy Recovery

I suffered Bells Palsy as a symptom of Lymes disease in November 2018. I woke up one Tuesday morning and completely lost function of the left hand side of my face. That morning I saw a doctor on an emergency appointment. He prescribed me a steroid, sympathized with me, told me there was nothing he could do and that most people get full function back anywhere between 6 weeks to 6 months after onset.

After researching therapies I saw many people using acupuncture to help with their symptoms. A local search led me to Dr. Wangs Google listing and I decided to call based on the reviews, website and location.

I called to enquire about treatment that Tuesday. The practice manager went out of her way to squeeze me in for an appointment that week, knowing that time to treatment was important. Within two days of diagnosis I was sat in a consultation and first therapy session with Dr. Wang. After two days of investigation and research, she was the only person who confidently told me she could help. For someone who didn’t know what to expect from acupuncture, Dr. Wang’s genuine confidence and obvious experience gave me hope and reassured me I was in the right place.

One thing I learned- If you are suffering with Bells and considering treatment: Go as soon as you possibly can! Trust me! In my experience recovery is gradual and you do not want the nerves to lie dormant for any longer than nessesary.The sessions themselves are almost completely painless - 1 minute of needles being applied and then 59 minutes of rest and reflection under heat lamps with Zen music to really put your mind at ease. Losing the power of your face affects your mindset and I found the meditative nature of the sessions mentally refreshing as well as physically regenerative.

What I experienced over 4 weeks, 2 sessions per week:

Week 1: No feeling, no physical change outside but my nerves started to tingle in my lip and eyelid towards the end of the week

Week 2: Increased tingling. Corner of mouth started to turn up, slight squint on demand in corner of eye

Week 3: Major milestone: I got my blink back! By the end of the week I had 75% function back

Week 4: By the 7th session I had 95% function. 8th session i had all but the last 1/8th inch back in my smile and involuntary responses were back to “ever so close” to normal.

Dr. Wang stresses physical therapy constantly in addition to acupuncture. That was my homework in pursuit of speedy recovery. Chewing gum, face tapping, puckering and blowing air into my cheeks and other facial exercises were practiced as often as possible between sessions.I’m back to full health and cannot thank Dr. Wang enough. Her expertise brought me a speedy recovery from a upsetting and unsightly condition. She said she treats a lot of Bells sufferers and that the most important factor in recovery is getting treatment early. I am living proof of that! She operates with a big heart and the precision of a true professional. Her practice is clean, modern, comfortable and welcoming. I am very grateful for her care and am lucky to have met Dr. Wang and her team.

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