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Acupuncture Can Help With

~All Types of Pain ;   Neck, Shoulder, Back, Knee, Hip, & Etc.   ~Anxiety/Stress                                         ~Insomnia

~Arthritis/ Joint Pain                                  ~Menopause Syndrome

~Asthma                                                       ~Nausea/Vomiting

~Bell's Palsy                                                 ~Neuropathy

~Bladder Issues                                           ~Planters Fasciitis

~Carpal Tunnel                                            ~Premenstrual Syndrome

~Constipation/Diarrhea                             ~Shingles

~Depression                                                 ~Smoking Cessation

~Fatigue                                                        ~Stroke Rehab

~Fibromyalgia                                              ~Tinnitus                            ~Headaches/Migraines                             ~Trigeminal Neuralgia

~Hypertension                                             ~Vertigo

~Impotence/Decreased Libido                ~Weight Loss

~Infertility                                                     ~Interstitial Cystitis

And Many More...

Orange Flower

About Dr. Wang, LAc, PhD

Qiong Wang was born in Wuxi, China in 1974. She began her acupuncture journey at only 6 years with her grandmother as her mentor. After years of at-home experience, she would then decide to expand her knowledge in medical school. When she had completed her MD in China, she decided to come to the United States. Dr. Wangs first destination was Los Angeles, California. In Los Angeles she completed her Masters in Acupuncture and then a PhD in Oriental Medicine. Upon the completion of her degrees, she took her licensing exam and received her NCCAOM Certification (The National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine). Following her certification, she was awarded best student by CAAM (California Alliance of Acupuncture Medicine) for having the top test score on the licensing exam. After her time in California, she decided to move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dr.Wang then became a Pennsylvania LAc (Licensed Acupuncturist) and opened her own practice right here in Perrysville.


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7:30am – 4:00pm



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